23: A Year in Review

As of today, I’ve been alive 8,766 days. For the past 365, I’ve come to know new things about myself, this world, and who I want to be in it. Here a few tidbits of 23:

  • I’ve fallen in love with the colors white and gray.
  • Peonies & dahlias are my favorite flowers. 
  • I became a momma this year! Hence, I’m now cat person. Meow.
  • Almond milk. Try it. It’s so much healthier and lasts longer than cow milk.
  • I’ve said goodbye to soft drinks.
  • At 23, I learned how to face death and become comfortable with it…thanks to my internship at the hospital and hospice.
  • I started to listen to NPR, because that’s what adults do.
  • I’ve learned there is a fighter in me but have realized that God is my biggest advocate.
  • Truth: everyone should have a counselor. Which means, yes, I started to see a counselor. One of the best decisions ever!
  • 18…the number of books I’ve read being 23 that weren’t school books.
  • I kayaked for the first time & loved it.
  • Started following WhiteGirlPromblems on Twitter this year. Is she completely inappropriate? Yes. Hilarious? Absolutely!
  • Pinot grigio has become a favorite wine. 
  • I’ve developed some great friendships here in Winston, while keeping “close” to faraway friends.
  • My mom is my best friend. And at 23, I really mean that.
  • I learned to make fried green tomatoes!

I’d say it was an interesting year. My favorite? Nope…but formative nonetheless. Looking at 24, I foresee one more year of grad school, trying brussel sprouts (by 24, I should try them, right!?), traveling to new places, celebrating at some dear friends’ weddings, becoming a member of the Junior League, taking more pictures of everyday life…because that’s where life happens, being open to new opportunities, keeping fear out of any decisions I make about my future, and trust that life will be abundant, even at 24.

“Perhaps I am stronger than I think.”

-Thomas Merton


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