Happy Birthday, Baby Girl


It’s Eleanor’s birthday! Today she is 1, which means my kitten is all grown up and is now considered a cat. I really didn’t think I would ever become a “cat-lady” but me oh my, how I love baby girl. Her pure white fur has grown to be white and creamy. Her big blue eyes melt me every time. She is my shadow. Wherever I go, there she is. If I’m in the shower, she’s waiting to get in after me to lick up the water. If I’m outside, she’s peeking through the blinds. If I’m on the couch, she’s either snuggled in my lap or behind me on the couch. This is going to sound silly, but I prayed for a great kitten and God has blown me away with how perfect she is. I’ve had countless friends say to me, “I was never a cat person—until I met Eleanor!”

Here are some facts about my girl:

  • Eleanor is also affectionally known as Pookie. I have no clue why I started calling her that…
  • She responds to both her name & nickname.
  • Eleanor has two favorite toys: a purple mouse & a Christmas feather wand. She will take these up and down the stairs with her. So cute.
  • She wakes me up every morning around 4am. Not so cute.
  • I often find her sleeping on her back, paws up. Weird.
  • Her favorite game to play: fetch. No lie, see video here if you don’t believe me!
  • She knows the word “no.”
  • She greets me at the door. (The last three make her sound like a dog, eh?)
  • She isn’t a vocal cat but when I ask her a question or say something to her, she will meow.
  • I let Eleanor travel with me when I go back and forth to VA. She’s a pretty good traveler as long as she can see me through her cage.
  • Baby girl is sweet, independent, feisty when needed, and basically the best pet ever. Don’t even try to argue with me on this one ;).

Ok, I’m beginning to sound crazy going on & on. I’ll stop. Riiiight after you look at some more pictures of my birthday cat!


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