Favorite Friday: Sunshine in a Cup.

I don’t drink coffee. I know I know, you’re probably gasping right now. It’s not about the taste…it’s probably one, I don’t want to become addicted to it (a socially acceptable drug…) and two, it makes me really, really jittery throughout the day. Being a usually perky person, I really do not need anything to speed that up! Oh, and I know coffee can be a sensitive subject to all readers who are addicted…er, I mean daily consume a cup or 4 a day…but if you’re one of those “don’t-talk-to-me-before-i’ve-had-my-coffee” persons, maybe it’s time to check that! Ok, I’m sending love from here on out…So, my favorite drink I make daily? Freshly squeezed orange juice! Pure delight, mixed with nostalgic memories of mom squeezing me juice as a kid…sigh…Back to OJ… it has some serious health benefits too.

  • -Loaded with vitamin C (duh…)
  • -Filled with flavonoids  (antioxidant activity) & could induce mechanisms that kill cancer cells & carcinogens, lower blood pressure, & bad cholesterol
  • -Has dietary fiber (regulate blood sugar, & helps prevent colon cancer, oh yeah, and keeps that stuff regular too…), folates (vitamin B…hello energy!) & thiamine (nerve & heart goodness)
  • -Helps protect against heart disease
  • -It’s delicious

Have I convinced you yet? No? Oh, you think that takes too much time? Nope. 5 minutes- tops. Wash 2 oranges. Slice. Juice. Drink. Get yours here!

What is your morning drink?


One thought on “Favorite Friday: Sunshine in a Cup.

  1. I was fully expecting a glass of oj when I pushed the “get yours here” link. What’s up with that? haha jk. Thanks for sharing…that’s a great price!

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