SB is Over & It’s Monday.

Wait, what? Spring break is over? It went by too fast, like it usually does. The first half was spent at my desk writing a paper for school. Eleanor sat beside me the entire time. Once that was finished, I was in full spring break mode.

  • I cleaned my house.
  • I’ve watched movies: “You Again”, “50 First Dates”, “Secretariat”, “Avatar”, & “It’s Kind of a Funny Story.”
  • My inner Picasso has been released. For copyright purposes, I won’t be sharing my artwork. Just kidding. Some things are just better left off the internet. 
  • I had a massage Wednesday and found out that I had about 8 knots up and down my back. pain. The next day after the massage, I swore I had bruises from the lady working through them. Alas, relief.
  • I babysat a few times.
  • I started & finished Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close.
  • My workout routine needed to be revamped, so I started a 90-day workout regiment. (Dear Lord, help my body adjust because I’ve never felt so much pain…)
  • And here I am, Monday morning at Wake Forest School of Divinity…
  • On brighter news…it stayed brighter longer yesterday!
  • Zumba class is tonight!
  • Annnnnd, The Bachelor finale is TONIGHT! Ekkk! (ok, judge me.) Go celebrate “Pi Day” (3.14) & bake a pie…then watch the Bachelor ;). 

Have a sweet day!


3 thoughts on “SB is Over & It’s Monday.

  1. i tried painting on one of my outreaches. went into the prayer and started drawing the Lion of Judah. first of all, pray the real Lion of Judah doesn’t look like this, and second, painting a lions face is freaking hard! i’ll share if you share. 🙂
    hang in there and finish strong!

    PS. i’m afraid i would spill or break something if i ever came to your flat. nice.

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