For Lent…

I’m giving up food. Ok not really. Restaurant food. It’s pretty ridiculous how much money I spend going out to eat on a regular basis. Bistros, sushi, & Chick-fl-a add up. I was out to eat with a friend on Sunday and she and I were talking about the fact that many people in our world live off of less than 1 dollar per day, and here we are about to drop 15 bucks on dinner. Time for a reality check.

I’m not saying going out is bad, but too much is too much.

Not only is it expensive, there’s the element of what I’m actually eating. Was that turkey on my sandwich organic? Packaged? Where did it come from? After reading Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin, I’ve been even more convicted to know my food. Eating at home not only gives me control over what I use to make a meal, it also forces me to be creative with dishes and perhaps, learn some new recipes.

In the end, this goes beyond my wallet and straight to my body. If I believe I’m the imago dei, made in the image of my Creator, I want my decisions to reflect a respect and gratitude for what I’ve been given. For someone my age, where eating out is both convenient and social, this Lent season can seem like eternity. Who knows, maybe it’ll feel like that, or hopefully, it will inspire me to limit my restaurant outings after this season.

Bloggies, have you given anything up for Lent? If so, what and more importantly, why?


7 thoughts on “For Lent…

  1. Why is sushi so good? Why?
    In the end, your decision means more in my wallet! :0
    Proud of you. This will produce good fruit in your life!

  2. For Lent I have given up sodas and sweets. It’s more out of obedience than sacrifice (I think that is actually how it’s supposed to be!). I know that neither is good for my body and God has been speaking to me about making better choices for some time. I like the idea of no restaurants, too, although living in the country where my choices are two service stations down the road, makes that decision a no brainer. So Mecca, what are you going to do with all that extra moo-la? 😉

    • Shelby, you go girl! Have you read “Skinny Bitch” before? It’s kind of extreme, and the language in the book is (funny) and probably not appropriate haha! But they have a great section on soda and what they call, “Liquid Satan.” They explore how bad it is, etc. It may be worth reading that first section if you want to have more will power through Lent!

  3. I did this very thing for Lent in 2007… it was SO HARD. Thus, I definitely applaud you for taking on this challenge.
    I personally gave up Facebook for Lent this year; however, given the utter gluttony and conspicuous consumption in which I engaged over Spring Break, I feel like tacking your idea onto what I’m doing for Lent as well probably wouldn’t be such a bad idea.
    Anyway. Best of luck, and if you need encouragement, well, you know where to find me.

  4. Sent here by AzDiscipleNC. My wife and I are giving up meat for Lent for the second year. My notion of lenten sacrifice is to create a space for God to enter our daily lives. It is difficult to plan meals without meat–for those of us who are non-vegetarians–so it serves its purpose. Also, giving up meat is good for the planet; so it is nice to have a little extra goodness. I confess my view of lenten sacrifice to be rather shallow. For a pretty cool detailed look at the topic, check out

    • Thank you for your comment. Going without meat isn’t the easiest of tasks! You’re right though, it’s good for the planet and also for our own realization on how much meat we consume daily. Many blessings to you and your wife during this lenten season!

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