It’s been awhile…

Hi friends. It’s been awhile and I’ve missed you and this blog. I’ve been focused on midterms (which I still have one left), dancing it up in Zumba, making visits to hospice patients, babysitting many nights, celebrating my dad’s 50th birthday, and even getting a new roommate. So much going on!

On the topic of midterms & school & papers…well ew. No thank you. I’m even going to have to spend some of my spring break writing a paper. Double gross.

Za-Za-ZUMBA! Thank God for this one hour cardio class. I get to dance and sweat out those stresses. Oh, I’m thinking about becoming a Zumba instructor! Any readers out there Zumba instructors?

Hospice: my favorite patient is about to pass. She’s young. She’s an artist. She has ovarian cancer. There’s nothing fair about this.

Babysitting: many free nights (and even some 6:30am mornings) have been spent watching little ones around my community. Trying to $ave for travel!

Dad’s 50th: I just went home for the weekend to celebrate his 50th. It was great to see my family and to party with my dad. I’m blessed to have my dad…I look up to him so much. He’s a CEO of a business he and my mom started, weightlifter (w/the goal to bench 500lbs…he’s already at 450…), & knows what he wants. May the next 50 years be filled with even more purpose, abundant love, success, and health. I love you Dad!


Dad, always a badass...

Roommate: Beth moved in a little over a week ago and I’ve probably seen her a handful of times! She is very sweet, considerate, and well, a saint for putting up with my OCD / neat-freak / I-organize-everything / tendencies. God bless you Beth!!!

I started Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer with Kelsi (we are doing a “book club” hahaa) and I’ve have been listening to Local Natives and their album Gorilla Manor which is absolutely perfect. That’s pretty much been my life the past few weeks. I’m happy the temperature is starting to warm up, but still longing to live somewhere warm all year long. California? Hawaii? Greece? Yes, please.

Alright folks, I just wanted to say hi and that I’m still alive. Hope your Monday is delightful and the days following are enjoyable.


2 thoughts on “It’s been awhile…

  1. Thanks for coming to the party and for putting together the most incredible video of Dad. You have such incredible gifts, but this blew me away. Don’t tell Dad, but he really looks up to you! I love you Bird.

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