“All You Need is Love.”

Happy Valentines Day lovebirds! I’m feeling chipper today! Remember when I did that post on “don’t you just hate that” items? Well in celebration of love, I wanted to share a few things I appreciate.

  1. God, my family, & friends. Where would I be without you?
  2. Bird’s Nest. I’m thankful it’s giving me an outlet to create.
  3. Food. Food. Annnnnd more food.
  4. Traveling. Planning a trip makes my heart skip a few beats.
  5. My pillow. I’ve had the same one since 8th grade. (I’ve taken it to every country I’ve traveled!)
  6. Pilot G2 1.0 Pens. I go through these pens like they are going out of style.
  7. My Neti Pot. What would I do without this healing remedy? Yeah- not breathe.
  8. Beauty. Beautiful days, beautiful flowers, beautifully decorated spaces.
  9. Kittens & Puppies. Specifically, Eleanor.
  10. Cards. Making them, writing them, sending them, & receiving them!
  11. The noise my Macbook makes when I empty the computer trash bin. Music to the ears.
  12. Clean sheets & fluffy beds. Heaven.
  13. DVR. Truly, a gift to this generation.
  14. Life. Even when I have down days (or seasons…or years), I am thankful to live this journey.

Much love to all of you today! xoxo


2 thoughts on ““All You Need is Love.”

  1. #5 weirds me out a little…but I’ve got a backpack from my freshman year of college that’s gone everywhere with me. No telling what’s living in it.

    #6 – you know that Pilot makes refill cartridges, right? 🙂

    Blog on Shea, Blog on.

  2. Sweet. I love you and wish you were here or I was there.
    What about your pillows? ALL those pillows you have? Worthy of a blog dedicated just to them!

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