Tuesday: Ten Thoughts.

  1. Bon Jour! (I feel like speaking French today.)
  2. It’s Tuesday. I was born on a Tuesday. My birthday is less than 3 months away and for the first time, I’m not so sure I’m ready for it to come.
  3. I’ve started putting 2 slices of lemon in my water. Not only does it make it pretty and make flavor the water, the health benefits are legit.
  4. Sunday I did a 7-mile hike & Monday I embarked upon an hour of zumba followed by an hour of yoga.
  5. My body is a bit sore, but in that “I kinda like it” way.
  6. I have lots of motivation and energy to take care of my body, eat right, and live a healthy life…but where the heck is my motivation to write school papers?
  7. Yesterday’s crock-pot meal, taco soup, is blog worthy. Sooooo, soooo, sooo good. Keep posted, recipe coming soon!
  8. I’m brainstorming something to create for the weekend. Crafties, any suggestions?
  9. My happiness is not dependent upon a person or circumstance. Happiness is my choice.
  10. The one positive aspect of winter: I can see pretty birds better.




3 thoughts on “Tuesday: Ten Thoughts.

  1. Other positive aspects of winter:
    The feeling of clean, crisp air on the skin.
    The pale blue sky.
    Building a fire in the fireplace.
    No mosquitos.
    The night sky.
    Cool hats and scarves.

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