As of the Late…



This is about right: 3 journals, my computer, books, tissues, and an unmade bed. Yep...

  • -I’ve been wearing more workout clothes than regular. That should stop, but all I want to be is comfortable in cold weather and I’ve actually been working out to justify wearing the clothes… ok that was my piece on that.
  • -Longing to live somewhere warm and happy.
  • -Finished reading My Name is Asher Lev by Chaim Potok. (I recommend!)
  • -Craving a good cupcake since going to Magnolia Bakery in NY.
  • -Trying to plan a trip this summer to Israel to study Hebrew for a month and then perhaps take an excursion to Egypt (that is if the chaos has settled by June).
  • -I painted my nails black, which probably correlates to my level of happiness (or lack thereof…)
  • -Mom and I signed up for the Monument Avenue 10K for April 2. (6.2 miles, not so bad.)
  • -Listening to Adele’s new album “21.” It’s legit, folks.
  • -Still wondering what I’m going to do after Divinity School…

What’s been going on with you?


2 thoughts on “As of the Late…

  1. PLEASE go to Egypt no matter what the situation is there! It’s totally worth your time and there is TONS of need there. If you do go, I’ve got your contacts for accommodations and amazing shwarma! I might even go with you. 😉

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