In New York…

Where to begin with my spontaneous trip to NYC!?

The trip started with…food. My dearest friend Kelsi and I were talking on the phone about two weeks ago about how much we missed Israel and more specifically, this food place called “Burgers Bar.” It’s a kosher burger joint that we ate in Israel at least once a week. We fell in love with their special garlic mayo sauce, as well as their unique fries. Dear lord it was sooooo good!

As she and I were on the phone, I started to look up Burgers Bar on the web and found out that there were a few in NY! I don’t know what possessed me to start looking up flights to NY (perhaps it was the longing for garlic mayonnaise…) but before I knew it, I found a round trip ticket for $139.40, including tax! How could I pass this opportunity up??? So Kelsi and I said, “Let’s go this weekend!” Before we knew it, our flights were booked and 5 days later, we landed in NY!

Highlights from the trip:

  • Magnolia Bakery for some delightful cupcakes. (I devoured the cupcake before I could take a picture of it before. Trust me though, it was pretty…) 
  • -Catching up with my cousin, a fiery redhead who I haven’t seen in over a year!
  • -Spending (quality) time with friends from college.

  • -More quality time with friends…

  • -Going to a bar called Union Pool. They have an outdoor fire pit & taco stand.
  • BURGERS BAR!!! Was it everything we remembered? I mean, it was good—but would I book another trip to NYC because of it? Eh, probably not. 

One thing you should know about me…I’m not enamored with big cities. I’d prefer Santorini, Greece over NYC anyyyyday! But what makes this trip to NYC memorable was the friends I got to spend time with and well, the food I got to eat. I probably got about 8 hours of sleep the entire weekend (which backfired because I got a cold the moment I landed in NC…), but it was worth it.

Overall, great weekend and I why didn’t I take more pictures?


2 thoughts on “In New York…

  1. I love that you took such a spontaneous trip; and what a killer deal on your flight! Have you ever been to a bakery called “Babycakes?” That is one of my favs, although I’m going to try Magnolia Bakery on my next visit to NY.

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