mom & dad.

Mom is a firecracker. Artistic, caring, hospitable, creative, the most thoughtful person I know, & has an uncanny eye for a good deal. (Plus, her name is Mecca, which is just completely unique!) Dad is the real-deal. Provider, leader, smart, persistent, superior griller of meats, & strong with a 450lb bench press (who has goal to bench 500lbs this year).

These two together make one incredible team.

Today is their 25th anniversary and in this day and age, that is a true feat. I am so thankful that they’ve made it this far and have been a great example that marriage is full of trials and triumphs. Happy 25th Anniversary mom & dad. I love you both more than you’ll ever know.



3 thoughts on “mom & dad.

  1. Wow – Happy Anniversary Mec & Brett! I love the pictures of your parents in the 80’s. I remember your mom teaching me how to get my bangs like hers, I felt really cool! Can’t believe how HUGE your dad is, I know what Uncle to call if I ever need back up.

  2. Who is that guy in the pictures with me? Brett may get a bit jealous!
    Who is more blessed than me? Brett and I continue to grow in grace and marvel at the rewards of our marriage- our kids! Thank you Shea for your lovely tribute to me and Dad. We thank you for how you have honored the passages of our life when we were too busy or tired to do so! XXXXOOOO

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