11 To-Do’s for 1/1/11 (& 364 days following)

Happy New Year! I seriously can’t believe it’s 2011. Geesh. Ok, so here is my list for 2011. Of course I have my personal drink-more-water/be-consistent-with-vitamins/get-on-the-elliptical-more-often type goals, but these 11 seem way more fun for 2011. What are your top 11?

  1. Go meatless one day per week.
  2. See a concert of one of my favorites: The Civil Wars, Adele, Mumford & Sons, or whoever else I love.
  3. Become more knowledgeable in interior design & decorating.
  4. Try brussel spouts.
  5. Visit a museum I’ve yet to explore.
  6. Travel. Get on a plane & GO!
  7. Take more photographs that better describe a year (aka, less food pics!).
  8. Experience Bikram Yoga.
  9. Go see the nutcracker.
  10. Take a wine tour (or tour of Red Oak factory!)
  11. Do something spontaneous. This may just be jumping out of a plan to skydive. Maybe.


One thought on “11 To-Do’s for 1/1/11 (& 364 days following)

  1. Come ON. Let’s go see the Civil Wars. It made my heart happy to see you say that.. them and M&S are definitely favorites. Brussels? We can do that this week if you want 🙂 There like, mah favrite food.
    Oh, and you can get on a plane to Taiwan… 🙂

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