Winter Craft: Felt Wreath

This post probably should have come to you about a week ago, given that Christmas is now over. However, the redeeming aspect of this craft is that it’s suitable all winter! I discovered this how-to tutorial on one of my favorite blogs and had to try it myself. It did take some time to cut all of the circles out, but I think it’s worth it!

Start with felt, trace circles with a pencil, & cut away. You’re going to need about 12 to 14 sheets of felt (8.5 x 11 size).

Once your felt is trimmed into circles (different sizes & colors work well), cut slits around the circle.

Get your hot-glue gun & glue sticks ready! Take your styrofoam wreath and begin to glue the centers of the felt onto the wreath. Fold them up, twist them around, bunch them together…it’s your call. Trust me, it is simple and almost error proof, so don’t be intimated!

To finish this craft, decorate it with a few sparkly jewels. (Sigh…I love sparkles.)

Once your wreath is complete, here are a few suggestions:

Use it as a frame!

Perhaps wear it as a hat?

Model it as the next fashion envy: a scarf!

Ok maybe not.

A wreath is a perfect use to decorate any door this winter season.

Have fun crafties!


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