“Winter: No Legs, Snow, & Death.”

Winter is officially here. I caught myself thinking today, “Oh good, it’s going to be warm.” That’s most certainly a problem when the high is 42 degrees. The winter always has a tendency to depress me. Trees are bare. The ground is brown. I can’t show off my legs. My love affair with spring is a good three and a half months away. Sometimes the cold air makes me want to puke. All of these factors can make the heart grow weary. On the bright side, it’s already snowed twice and I love watching Eleanor marvel at the snow. Plus, snow days are perfect excuses to cuddle up with a good book & hot tea while Charlie Brown’s Christmas CD plays in the background. Bliss.

I think the main reason winter can depress me is that it reminds me of death…or what appears to be dead. This autumn was breathtaking. God showed me how the fall leaves in their entire splendor illustrates that the dying process is remarkably beautiful. (Remember, I work at Hospice so I think about the dying process…a lot.) For a season, creation seems dead, but then something phenomenal occurs. Life. The trees start to bud, the grass grows green, my skirts come on! Mostly though, it reminds me that maybe death isn’t permanent; that life is after death. My favorite Winter Song (by Ingrid Michaelson & Sara Bareilles) has a line I hold warmly in my hands,

“I still believe in summer days

The seasons always change

and life will find a way.”

Ok, I’ll slow down with all that spring & life talk. It is only the first day of winter. So here’s to the next 3 months of winter. May your days be filled with snow, warmth, and really cute winter clothes.


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