“Dolce Far Niente”

Portugal 2009

The Italian’s have this phase, “dolce far niente,” which essentially means “the sweetness of doing nothing.” Throughout the semester, in the midst of class, papers, exams, readings, work studying, church, the-list-goes-on, I try to have at least one day per week that is dedicated to “dolce far niente.” In the Christian world, it’s called Sabbath. Normally, I adore these days. Because I’m currently on break, I’m in an incessant Sabbath where my days have become blurred and I have to remind myself to shower. (seriously.)

I know yesterday’s post had me bragging about the sweetness of doing nothing but geesh…I’m kinda over it.

Some of my friends make fun of me for being an old lady, often going to bed around 10:30p.m. and well, I have a cat. This past week I’ve traded in my old lady ways for slothfulness. My usual sleeping time now 2am-11am. Who am I?!

Ok yes, there is a certain sweetness in trying to figure out what movie I want to watch, or which nail polish to paint my nails but let’s be honest: after so much time, a girl can kinda go crazy from too much  nail polish remover fumes. I’ve already watched about 5 movies, knitted a baby hat, and have cut thousands of circles (maybe not that many) from felt (craft project coming soon!).

I need something that wakes me up by 9ish and gets me out of the house for a few hours. Here are a few ideas I’ve come up with (feel free to suggest more ideas):

  • Perhaps I could go workout?
  • Go to a coffee shop organize up my iphoto.
  • Start working on my high school reunion? I mean, it’s coming up in like five years…?

I’ve been on break one week and I need something! (No Mom, this is not an invitation to comment on this blog post about cleaning your house…) Something that doesn’t have me shopping (it’s a madhouse out there!) or eating all day.

Sigh. I’m a girl who loves a mile long to-do list but making lists over breaks seem petty. Ok, I’m starting to bore myself. Thanks for letting me vent some…that is if you read to this point. I’m not making any promises, but I will give you hope that future posts will be more worthwhile. Maybe. In the mean time, let’s just embrace “dolce far niente.”

Much love.


2 thoughts on ““Dolce Far Niente”

  1. I sympathize completely with this…the break from school always sounds so wonderful when I’m in class, but after a couple of days of laziness I am always left wondering “Why did I ever want this?”

  2. 1.st off its hard to realize that we have out of school so long. and Understand the questioning of life. “why did I make this decision? why am I not with the man of my dreams” I asked my self there things too…then pray for understanding that God has put me on this path for some reason

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