Life These Days…

Boys and Girls,

It’s been over a month since I’ve actually written to you. My excuse? I got nothing.

Here’s a quick update:

  • -Thanksgiving break was blissful because all of my work was done before and I could actually REST!
  • -VT won the ACC champ game and I was at the game…SO MUCH FUN!
  • -My video card in my macbook pro died—leaving me without my computer for TWO weeks…just in time for finals. Yay…
  • -I’m officially ½ done with my Masters program! 1.5 years left…(What am I going to do afterwards? I’m taking suggestions.)

So here I am on Christmas break. My days are mostly filled with deciding what movie I want to watch or deciding which nail color I’m in the mood to wear for a few days. I’m also making these DEICIOUS holiday treats while counting down until my friends come home to hang out. I’ve been catching up on my shows from this past season, not wearing any makeup, and spending countless hours sleeping. I’m also spending way too much time stalking Facebook to see who has recently gotten engaged. After all, tis’ the season of family, food, and engagements! So far, I know 5 people who have gotten engaged within the past 15 days! Geeze!!! I’m embracing single hood, I’m embracing single hood, I’m embracing…ok moving on…

I’m thrilled to rest this Christmas season. My plans mostly include spending time with family and friends, read a few books, catching up on my google reader (which reads 1,000+ errr), organizing my iphoto, and hopefully sending a few worthwhile bloggie-posts your way dear friends.


4 thoughts on “Life These Days…

  1. Obviously Im like ooo idk a year late on this lol. But My mom ALWAYS told me(when it came to relationships “wait for the magic, God has the right person for you” And I am glad I did. I spent (at this point) the major part of my life single. But Im glad I waited and I wouldnt change it. It helped me grow as a person.

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