I’ve been enjoying some goooood music lately. I wanted to share if you’re looking for some tunes. Some are new, some are not. Enjoy! 

“Chinese Translation” by M. Ward

“Thistle & Weeds” by Mumford & Sons

“Bury My Head” by Kate Walsh

“All I See” by Lydia

“Green Eyed Love” by Mayer Hawthorne

“Ice On Her Lashes” by Brooke Fraser

“My Father’s Father” by The Civil Wars

“Secrets” by OneRepublic

“Garden” by Needtobreathe

“Ramblings of a Beggar” by Shawn McDonald



2 thoughts on “Tunes.

  1. Shea! I’m so glad you posted this up. I just posted up a list of artists on my blog too and now I have more artists to listen to! Yay!!! I listened to these songs all day yesterday at work. I especially like the first three songs. So unique. I thoroughly enjoyed the music video to the Chinese Translation song (pure awesomeness!) and Kate Walsh’s voice is just gorgeous! Thanks for posting and for sharing. I loved your choice of music!

  2. So I don’t normally listen to any of these artists aside from Needtobreathe and OneRepublic, but having grown bored with the same music over and over, I decided to give some new artists a shot. Thus, I assembled this very playlist on my iPod, and much to my very pleasant surprise, it turned out to be fantastic. Many thanks!

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