“10-__-10 was Fun to Write”

It’s already November! As I enter into this month, I want to be intentionally grateful. Today, I am grateful for last month. October was a blast! I welcomed the month with open arms, knowing it would be filled with great times with family, friends, and obviously, food. As I reflect on the month, I cannot help but smile at the memories…and crave some more of that homemade chili & cornbread. Outside the leaves are just about to peak in color, and inside, my home smells of “Spiced Cider” and “Autumn Apple.”

October highlights:

-Decorated home: autumn.

    -Making homemade chili with cornbread, cheese, & BBQ chips atop!

      -Catching up with Helen (college roommate) at the “So You Think You Can Dance” tour!

        -Having Chris come visit Duke and Wake Forest and visiting with him.

        -Making some “spice cake” cupcakes with candy corn on top.

          -Exploring Charleston, SC and reconnecting with family (and self as I sat on the beach!)

            -Having a picnic with Rene.

              -Writing October’s date as “10-__-10.” (Wasn’t it fun to write?!)

              -Going home for a weekend to visiting the family. 

                -Seeing my 10month old niece, Amber dressed as a Bubble Bee for Halloween! 

                -Painting my nails orange with a spider on my thumb. Sp0Oo0O0oky.

                -Doing well on my midterms.

                Ah, indeed. October, thank you for your grace & beauty. I do not know what November holds but I do know who holds November. Praying that this new month is filled with purpose, surprise, and overwhelming gratitude.


                2 thoughts on ““10-__-10 was Fun to Write”

                1. You make me smile, then laugh, then realize that only you could write: “Writing October’s date as “10-__-10.” (Wasn’t it fun to write?!)”

                  You provide a fresh perspective and word. “Praying that this new month is filled with purpose, surprise, and overwhelming gratitude.”


                2. Hey Shea!

                  Love that you painted your nails in honor of the Giants (black/orange) 🙂 Those cupcakes look sinful – yum!! It was such a treat to see you at Coo’s wedding, I especially loved our slumber party!! Can’t wait to see you next May so I can show you around SF!

                  Yo Cuz

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