Have you heard that word “clutch” recently? Probably from a guy friend…perhaps watching football? I’ve heard this term used a few different times, and yes, mostly from guys. Ok my friend Vic, who I’ve heard it from the most, defines, “Clutch: The ability to overcome all odds in the most crucial time; coming through under pressure; pulling off the miraculous because ‘that’s what you do.'” Jonathan, in response to Vic, “‘Clutch is not what you do, it’s who you are’…sounds like a hook line for an NCAA football commercial to me!” Me too Jon, me too.

Ok. I kinda get it. But not as much as these. Oh how I get these! The ruffles, bows, feathers. YES. And keeping in congruence with Vic’s definition, these clutches can definitely help in the “most crucial time” and can make any outfit “miraculous.” Amen.


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