“Don’t You Just Hate That?”

I remember seeing this book in Barnes & Noble a few years ago, flipping through it, and emphatically sighing “yessss” to many of the “don’t you just hate” those moments. For example, in Cohen book he has,

Don’t you just hate when you hold the ketchup bottle over your French fries and the first thing that comes out is red water?

yeah as a matter of fact, I hate that.

Well, I never bought that book–kinda wish I did now. Here a few of my own:

-Commercials with alarm clocks beeping…that is dreadful.

-No milk for that wonderful brownie or breakfast cereal.

-Someone sneezing without covering their mouth.

-The beginning intro of the TV show “Family Feud.”

-Running out of clean silverware.

-Waking up in a panic: why didn’t my alarm go off? What do I have going on today?

-Shutting my computer down, then realizing why I turned it on in the first place. Restart.

-Dropping clean wet clothes on the floor switching to the dryer.

-Having to write a paper or work on a beautiful day.

-Chapped lips with no Chapstick around.

That’s probably enough hates from me right now. So now readers, it’s your turn– what are your “don’t ya just hate thats?”


4 thoughts on ““Don’t You Just Hate That?”

  1. I hate that I still have to buy expensive pimple cream at age 51. Not being able to find a bra for my back. Not being able to see the scale because of my stomach and when I do lean over to see it, I can’t because I can’t see without my glasess. And most of all, not being able to hug my daughter at least once a day. 😦

  2. I hate ordering at the drive-thru (usually in a hurry) and yet waiting, waiting, waiting…stuck in line. :/ I also hate that we are 10 hours apart.

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