more of Eleanor.

I was talking with my friend Kelsi awhile ago. Part of the conversation went like this:

Kelsi: “you know, i’m ok with being a crazy cat lady.”

Me: ” haha yeah…(heh..heh)”

Well. I don’t think I admitted to it…but this blog post may just well be my admission. I love Eleanor so much. Starting this school year with her has made life better. Just saying.

So some things I’ve gotten to know about Eleanor has she has gotten bigger. (P.S. She is now 4 months old!)

-She is flexible as heck. Really, the way she gets her leg around her neck to clean… well anyways.

-Her favorite toy: any mouse. She likes to hide them. And play fetch with them. No lie. Fetch.

-She will put her paw (oh so gently on me) to get my attention or just to.

-Her big blue eyes get me every time.

-She doesn’t judge me when I talk to myself. Or talk to myself in a British accent.

-When I go out side to water Tammy the Tomato Plant, Pretty Pink Flowers, and Benito the Basil Plant, she keeps her eye on me.

-Where ever I go, there she is. (Feels good to be worshipped…)

-She races me up or down the stairs. Eventually, I will tell her that I’m not really racing. Nonetheless, she wins every time.

(At the Vet) "Uh, Eleanor...I know this is a bad time to tell you, but you're about to get your lady parts removed..."

-Eleanor has a fascination with the shower.

-She and I have snuggle time nightly.

-She wakes me up everysingle. morning. by chasing her tail on the bed or my trying to eat my hair. This has got to stop.

-She definitely knows her name and the word “no.”

-Did you know she is famous? Yep. She is. Check her debut here.

-I love her, I love her, I love her.


2 thoughts on “more of Eleanor.

  1. You are too cute and I love Eleanor. She made me really want a cat and so I begged Cliff for one… I got a light cream colored lab. It’s just not the same!!!

    -deathly in love with Eleanor

  2. Very funny dear! Love Eleanor’s eye(s) peeking at our through the blinds. Such love, but remember my dear, cats have staff and dog have owners. Love you. Mom.

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