Hi Friends.

It’s been awhile. Purposefully, though. I’ve needed the break of feeling obligated to anything. This summer, I did an amazing (but very challenging and emotionally demanding) internship at the hospital. I was a chaplain intern and learned so many valuable tools for ministry. I’ve been working on a future blog focusing on different thoughts about death. I’ll share eventually. It’s not quite done (nor will it probably ever be, but I will share nonetheless.) Which brings me to my new internship, working with hospice. That will give me a new understanding of “end of life care.”

So lately. I’ve read “Eat, Pray, Love,” by Elizabeth Gilbert. Loved loved loved the book and loved loved loved the movie. Also I read “Thee Cups of Tea” by Greg Mortenson, “A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khaled Hosseini, “Here and Now” by Henri Nouwen, and just finished up “The Screwtape Letters” by C.S. Lewis. I recommend all! I’m currently reading “The Kite Runner” (also) by Khaled Hosseini. So far so good.

Really no life changes, just a few minor. Like switching my GPS voice from American to a British accent. Loving that change! Plugging in the smell of “evergreen” in my wallflower air freshener…yes in July/August. It’s the little changes that make the world of difference. Ha!

Tammy the Tomato Plant is now TOWERING over me! See!? It’s so wonderful! And well, Rosemary the Rosemary Plant and Layla the Lavender Plant have “passed”…or should I say “withered?” Please don’t ask questions. However, Pretty Pink Flowers and Benito the Basil Plant have been adopted. (Apparently Benito is latin based and means blessed. Maybe it will live up to its name. Maybe.)

This summer, Amy came to visit. Jesus knows I love that girl like she is my own sister. We went to the farmers market, got ice cream, went out to eat (notice the theme of food…!) Ha well, it was wonderful and she and I had a great time. Amy, come back. Also, my college roommate Helen came to visit for a weekend. It was great to catch up! We worked out, giggled, and well, ate plenty of food. Helen, you come back too, k?

In between my hospital internship and starting hospice orientation, I stole a few moments at the beach with Alison. Good food, weather, friendship, and time away with God. I couldn’t have asked for a better time…only more time.

That’s about it. Between working a 8-5 M-F job, reading, and loving my kitten Eleanor (next blog is dedicated completely to her…;) that is really about it. School has started. I’m taking Quaker Spirituality, New Testament, Pastoral Care, Art of Ministry 2 and doing my hospice internship. Should be a good semester filled with life giving knowledge and experience.

So here’s to a great summer, overflowing with new experiences, sweet moments, and plenty of learning.

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”

-Mark Twain


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