Dear New Grad Student.

Dear New Grad Student,

Many of my friends are starting their masters soon, whether it’s this semester or soon to come. So this is for them. I’m proud of them, so proud.

I start my second year of my masters today. For many grad students, their program is only two years. This is not my case. I have a three-year shindig going on here. So I write this with some experience, but see a faint light in the distance that a masters program is achievable.

I suppose I wasn’t too thrilled going into school right after graduating college. Not thrilled at all, actually. But I knew it’s what I wanted, despite my lack of enthusiasm. Of course I had some fears, whether I could handle the workload, or even keep up with the reading. So here are a few tips for you newbies.

  1. Don’t think you’re going to get all the reading done. It’s probably impossible. Pick and choose what will benefit you the most. Aka test material, personal interest, etc.
  2. If your first assignment comes back with a big fat C, don’t worry (perhaps like I did). The point of education is to learn. Grow. Absorb. No one expects you to have mastered the subject for your first assignment. That is why you’re there!
  3. Welcome to the world of writing papers.

My three goals. Could they be yours too?

  1. Stay true to self. Any essay your turn in or conversation you have, make sure it is you. It’s easy to “give the professor what s/he wants” but this is a great time to grow as an independent thinker. So yes, be you.
  2. Be apart of an authentic community of people who has similar values, motives, & passions. . Perhaps I’m trying to say is you don’t have to be friends with everyone, just be friendly. And trust. Trust that God will surround you with the people our Creator ordains.
  3. Be filled with the Spirit and live through the Spirit. My relationship with God is priority. Over school. Over family and friends. Over self. If I am seeking the Beloved, I’ll live in a passion contagious to those around.

That’s probably enough. Embrace this learning opportunity. The higher education we go, the more personal it becomes. The more we know and understand, the more we can help others.




One thought on “Dear New Grad Student.

  1. Shea,
    I have always looked up to you and thought the world of you in more than just cheering. I am so glad I decided to read your blog. I am going through a rough time right now in my life personally, and trying to get through school seems almost impossible. Your thoughts have made me look at things a little differently and I have to courage to pick myself back up and continue! You are awesome!


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