Fried Green Tomatoes.

Hey Yall.

I thought Yall would be appropreiate, considering what today’s blog features: fried. green. tomatoes. no… tomaters. Much better.

So I don’t fry things. Infact, I really don’t know how, nor have I ever wanted to in fear that I would start to fry everything…but…when I picked up this bad boy (i.e. my green tomato) at the farmers market, I simply had to learn.

First, slice your bad boy.

Whisk your egg. Dip your bad boy slice in the egg.

Pack on “Panko Bread Crumbs.”

Add extra virgin olive oil to your pan. Place your bad boy breaded panko bread crumb ‘maters in the pan. Hear the sizzle! Flip.

Ta-Da! Add some feta cheese. Smile at your work.

Enjoy every bite of your fried green tomato. oh excuse me…fried-bad-boy-panko-breaded-crumbed-feta cheesed-mater.


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