Oh yes. This Greek was SUNBATHING!

I started this blog a little over a year ago, mainly to write about my traveling adventures. In fact, exactly one year ago today I embarked upon a backpacking journey through Europe. 12 countries, 5 weeks. June 29, 2009-August 3, 2009. If you’d like to read some of my favorite spots, such Greece, Italy, Prague, Brussels, Portugal, and Ireland, click on the country. Only want the final reflection, click here. Can’t get enough? Read about the entire journey but clicking on older posts. They are all there.

Rome baby.

Camping in Rome?!

Ahhh deep sighs on this side of the computer. I’m missing my backpack, eurail pass, pocket maps, & train/plane/boat/taxi/bus/everything rides. You better believe I am missing my “bungalow” Amy. (If you want to know the meaning to Amy’s nickname, check out the Italy blog…!) And of course, I am missing the thrill of exploring a new country. Add another deep sigh.

As I reminisce (and connive a new trip in the near future…J), here are a few pictures from Walkabout 2009.

Donkeys in Switzerland!

Signing the Lenin Wall in Prague!

Love in Germany

Chocolate in Belgium

Bonjour from Paris

Ames and I.

Amy hanging out with Big Ben!


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