Meet Eleanor.

I’ve wanted a kitten for over a year now. Finally, I found this 10-week kitten, whom I now call Eleanor!

She’s classy. She needed a classy name. Her powder white fur and bright blue eyes calls for nothing less than a sophisticated name. She only eats and drinks from ceramic bowls and plates and plays with toys that have a touch of leopard.

Thankfully, she’s not a snob. Nope, contraire to what cat haters think, she is sweet and gentile! She didn’t even scratch me when I gave her a bath! (She had fleas. We solved that problem.)

So I’m happy about this change in my life. After I brought her home, I had a little case of the “new pet regret.” I started to think, “What have I done? There went my independence. I have to watch her all the time. My house is going to be in shreds. She has more energy than I have or could possibly ever muster…”

However, I then started to talk back to myself…it went something like this: “Shea, get a grip. It’s a cat for crying out loud, not a child. You can still have a life. She will be a good companion.” That little pep talk made me feel better.

Then over the weekend, Eleanor and I started to get to know each other. She doesn’t like for me to be out of her sight. I like her best when she is sleeping. She likes to sleep next to my head. I like the fact that I can trust her that she won’t attack me, scratch me, or bite me. I think this is a good beginning to a lifetime together.

So a few thinks about having a kitten that I need to clear up: 1. I am a dog person, too. Just because I have a cat doesn’t mean I prefer them to dogs. 2. I am not a crazy cat lady. 3. Having a cat does not invite future cat related gifts. 4. Don’t worry, I won’t solely talk about her via facebook, wordpress, twitter, phone calls, etc. I refuse to be that person who becomes obsessed with his/her pet and no longer has a life. 5. If I DO start to solely tweet/talk/write about Eleanor, I give you full permission to call me out.



4 thoughts on “Meet Eleanor.

  1. She is just beautiful!!!! Never say never…she will wrap herself around your heart and YOU WILL find yourself talking about her to your friends. And hey, what’s wrong with that anyway as long as you don’t go on endlessly! One bit of advice: Get a spray bottle and when she sets her sites on something too important to be damaged just zap her with a little bit of water (a small spray goes a long way) and she’ll get the message pronto. You may need to reinforce this a few more times but she will figure it out pretty quick. I adore dogs too, but a cat will adapt so much better to your lifestyle. W/love from THE proud, old, and craziest ever CAT LADY

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