“birthday theology.”

Since I was little, I’ve freakin’ loved birthdays. I love others’ birthdays and I love my birthday. In fact, it’s my favorite day of the entire year. There I said it. Yes, it beats every other day in the year…even Christmas. I know this is an audacious statement, but hang on with me for a moment.

It’s not necessarily about my birthday. It’s what a birthday represents. A birthday symbolizes the day a person was born into this world for a purpose. It’s the God-ordained-day that God chose for the person to enter and start this life. So birthdays are a celebration of life. A celebration of being in this world. If we weren’t in this world, we wouldn’t be able to celebrate Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Mother’s Day, etc…

Birthdays are a celebration of life, and I truly love life. There have been some dark moments, moments I wish to never return, but I still celebrate those. There have been some amazing points in this journey, I celebrate those. Mmm yes..birthdays are days set aside to celebrate life now. Life lived and live to come. That is why I love birthdays so freakin much. Life is meant to be celebrated.

My 23rd birthday rocked. I mean really, it was awesome! I started my day with a “reenergizing” session of yoga, got my free cup of Starbucks, had some Jesus/Bible/Journal time, had an hour long massage, did some shopping, got a free cup of Coldstone ice cream, and went home to do some cleaning and cooking before the party. I was cleaning up and around 4:00, my friend Carolyn comes over. About 20 minutes later, she goes outside “to find something”

and so I start vacuuming, I mean hey, I gotta keep cleanin’! All of a sudden, Kelsi walks in my house with a birthday cake singing happy birthday to me! She was “supposed” to be on her way to California!!! So needless to say, I freaked out, totally surprised by kind of running/hiding from here (as the vacuum us still on)…hey I was processing! Anyways, the birthday was already wonderful by this point.

The night simply kept getting better.

Friends started to come over around 7:30 to enjoy Cinqo de Mayo/my birthday/end-of-the-year celebrations. There was eating, drinking, and dancing (mixing between the cupid shuffle, hip-hop, to salsa.)…all in good moderation, all in good fun.

There was even a game of apples-to-apples, which is by far my favorite game! Mmmm yes, the night was perfect. I had a wonderful group of friends to share my birthday with and even had one of best friends stay with me for a few days.

The next morning, I woke up with a pinched nerve in my neck. Uh, hello 23? Was it the dancing? Because I hardly danced the night before. Did I move in my sleep last night? Because pure exhaustion probably paralyzed my movements in my sleep. Could it be because I am getting older? Because… ok well either way, I woke up with a pinched nerve and could barely turn my head to my right side. Simply pathetic.

Either way, I still celebrate this life. Even getting older. Even with pinched nerves.

So here is a happy birthday…or should I say “happy-God-ordained-day” to you, whether it’s belated or early. May you constantly live in a celebration of life and come to find your calling in this world, because truly, our Creator ordained for you to be here for a divine and sacred purpose.


2 thoughts on ““birthday theology.”

  1. I am really glad you love your life so much and enjoy it to the fullest. As your Mom, that makes me very happy. It is what I truly desire for my children.
    Surely it makes God happy as He sent His Son to die for us that we may have an abundant life. How sad it must make Him when we whine, complain and don’t celebrate Him, (or worse, ignore Him)ourselevs or others. Thanks for reminding me why birthdays should be fun…cough… at 50 something!

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