The Most Spontaneous Thing I’ve Done in My Life…

“Spontaneous” defined: performed or occurring as a result of a sudden inner impulse or inclination and without premeditation or external stimulus.

At 11:45pm on Thursday night, I see a tweet my college friend Ralph posted: “I’M GOING TO GRADUATION.” I (wishfully and longingly) respond, “I WANT TO COME!”

He then gives me an invite to travel down to FL from NC to go back to our old college and see all of our friends in Lakeland. Of course I want to go…I’ve wanted to go all semester to their graduation but because I had finals that following week, I simply couldn’t.

Well, when the opportunity to ride with Ralph came, for some reason, I knew it was a good decision, despite having finals; despite battling a cold; despite I’d leave my place a wreck (who would water my plants!?) So at 12:00AM (now Friday AM), I made the decision to drive at 4:15am to Charlotte, meet Ralph, and go down to FL!!! I didn’t sleep a wink; I had to get my study guide finished and pack.

The ride went pretty quickly. Poor Ralph, every hour he would hear my new plan how I would surprise all of my friends. One of my best friends, Kelsi lives in LA and came home for a week to visit family and friends. She, Helen, and I basically lived together all through college. Well Kelsi went to Lakeland this weekend too, but had NO clue of my spontaneous trip! She and I hadn’t seen each other in a YEAR…since we both graduated last year on May 2!

Ralph and I make it to Lakeland around 3:00pm (thankfully in one piece…Ralph has an addiction to his iphone, even when he is driving…) and the surprising friends frenzy started. First was Helen! She freaked out and said, “OMG OMG I can’t breathe!!!” Helen and I were roommates since freshman year, so basically she is a sister! Oh her face was priceless!!! Next on the list to surprise was Kelsi. When she and I saw each other, she screamed so loud, she hit new octaves!!! We probably hugged for about 5 solid minutes, basically in shock with tears flowing. It was perfect. The three of us back together for the first time in a year.

The rest of the weekend was fun surprising my friends who were graduating. Rene, who I spent 5 weeks living with in Israel, Amy, who I went backpacking through Europe with this past summer, and Jen, who is basically my soul sister. Seeing other friends like Mallory, Ashley, Stephanie, Shalini, Kara Leigh, Jordan, Brett…ah the list could go on for another few paragraphs.

It’s Saturday night, 10:53 and Ralph and I are on our way back to NC. What a short, but sweet weekend; sweet as in a precious, sacred moment. I’ve missed FL…I’ve missed my friends terribly. Being with Kelsi and Helen, seeing all of my friends, it felt so natural, so much like home. When Kels left this afternoon, of course there were tears. Not just because it was sad to have her leave, but really because of the year symbolizing of all of us being apart. I still can’t believe my college days are over…really over.

I’m not sad to leave. In fact, I’m excited to go back to continue building the a new community of wonderful people and memories in Winston. This was the best spontaneous decision of my life thus far. I am so thankful to God for this moment, really I cannot stop thanking our Creator for this blessed few days. I’m thankful for friends…thankful for community…thankful for the opportunity to live life to the fullest.

Well, here’s to a perfect, most spontaneous weekend of my life!


One thought on “The Most Spontaneous Thing I’ve Done in My Life…

  1. You are such a wonderful and loyal friend indeed. I am so very blessed to have a daughter such as you. In the end, it is these times that you will remember the most, not studying for some final. You get an A++ in my book for being with those that matter most.

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