“Top 10 Summer Excitements”

I can’t wait for summer, and technically, my summer starts in exactly ONE WEEK on May 5, 2010! (p.s. someone’s birthday is happening in one week. Hint, hint. Subtle? No?)

So here are 10 summer thoughts that are getting me through finals:

Fresh flowers, fresh garden veggies, fresh anything.

Movies! Going to see movies is one of my FAVORITE things in this world.

Evenings with the sun setting around 8 at night.

Fireworks on the 4th of July.

Laying on the beach.

Evening bike rides. (which means I need a new bike…hint hint ^ see what is happening in one week from today…)

Laying out on a blanket, shoes off, reading a book.

Eating my homegrown tomatoes!!! (Which means I haven’t killed Tammy the Tomato plant, in fact, she is bearing little ones already!)

Tammy the Tomato Plant

Juicy watermelon with seed spitting contests.

Downtown in Winston Salem. Art, food, community. I’m about that.

Mmmm, yes summer is almost here and I am ecstatic!

“Ah, summer- what power you have to make us suffer and like it.” -Russell Baker


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