“Classy Meal 101”

Not too much going on lately, truthfully. My life has been revolved around writing papers—and writing more papers. Through this season of paper writing, I have learned something about myself. I use food as a reward! This is dangerous. However, I have been eating vegetables like they are going out of style, to be discontinued forever. Thankfully this is not the case, least I hope not…

Anyways, I HAD to share this recipe with you of my last night’s dinner. I know I had just posted a stir-fry meal, (you know, Asian flair), but let’s be honest here…pan meals are the easiest, warm meals that you can cook up! So here is a new recipe for you and your loved ones:

In a pan, drizzle extra virgin olive oil over the following:



Cherry Tomatoes

Red, Yellow, Green Pepper

Walnuts (trust me on this…)


In a separate pan, sizzle up some bacon (I prefer 40% less fat bacon).

When veggies above are tender, and salt & pepper to taste. Top the veggies with the bacon and the grease (you don’t have to use all of the grease, but enough to stir lightly through the veggies.

Next, place the veggies & crumbled bacon on a plate. Top with feta cheese!

Partner this delicious meal with a white wine of your choice, you know, just to keep it classy!



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