“Once, When I was a Strange Child…”

I have a document saved on my computer labeled “Strange Child Shea.” Basically, it is a document I write down memories of my childhood, mostly quirky things that well, I now think of as odd and strange for a kid. Anyways, one day I may share this document with the public, but slower is better. Trust me…

I’ll share one childhood memory, though. I used to serve communion to my dolls. I’d sneakily go to the kitchen, cut up a slice of white bread (back then we didn’t know it was bleached flour [aka poison] and instead eat wheat bread) into square pieces, pour some grape juice (common cup) and take it back to my room to share with my dolls and stuffed animals. I’d tell them about Jesus, what he endured for us, and would offer a prayer. This should have been an obvious clue to my calling to ministry, but whatever, I just loved it!

I know this isn’t a typical childhood game, at least I don’t know of any other 7-year-old kid distributing the sacraments to a pretend congregation…but this is what inspired my “confession” of “Strange Child Shea.”

The Reverend Barbie!

I saw another blog on Rev. Barbie who found this article. I’m just saying, this is awesome! If I were a kid again, this would be on the top of my birthday list. Which in case you are wondering, my birthday is coming up very soon…on May 5…in 26 days…


4 thoughts on ““Once, When I was a Strange Child…”

  1. If I had caught you givig communion to your dolls, I would have taken you to the head doctor. Have you repented for stealing all your friends pacifiers and hiding them in the closet cause yours went to paci heaven ?

  2. Shea, that is an awesome memory! I remember someone telling me that they used to line up their teddy bears on their front porch and they would give the bears the previous week’s Sunday school lesson! Sounds similar to what you were doing! That’s great.

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