“A Confession of My Love Affair”

It’s true. I’m in a love affair. I must say, it’s pretty passionate and if I’m not engaged in this love affair, I’m thinking about it…wishing I was once again apart…

Ok. I’m in a love affair with spring. Oh.my.God. I have never seen such a beautiful spring. If I’m not outside enjoying it, I am most certainly romanticizing my time with it later. Having to write research papers indoors truly sucks when there is the sun shining, birds chirping, and flowers blooming right beyond the window.  Perhaps it’s a good thing most of our school year covers the cold, gloomy months…

So I haven’t witnessed a spring in years (thanks to being in FL for the past 3…) and well, have simply forgotten how wonderful it is to watch life come from seemingly, nothing. I love to watch growth. Maybe this is why ministry is so appealing to me. It’s all about growth…usually slow growth, but growth nonetheless. (By the way, my plants are growing…just so you know I haven’t killed them!)

Here are some pictures from this Easter weekend of spring around the Hawkins house.

Now as much as I am enjoying this welcomed season, I’ve forgot about one little, microscopic vexation: pollen. It looks like mustard threw up on my car. I’ve been sneezing every ten minutes. My throat is scratchy and I keep trying to use the back of my tongue to relieve the itch. You know what I’m talking about.

I suppose every love affair has its downfall…


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