-The smell of cigarette smoke used to irritate me. Now it instantly brings me back to my days backpacking Europe.

-I know I laugh way too long at unfortunate and awkward situations. It’s inappropriate, I know, and I am sorry…

-I haven’t witnessed a spring season in four years. I am absolutely amazed at the beauty blooming around. God is so creative…wait….God is creation. Sigh…

-My momma cracks me up! Most youngsters do not like their parent on Facebook. I, however, think of it as free entertainment! Take a look at our Facebook chat the other night:

-Already, I have four books already on my summer reading list and am ecstatic about it. I foresee many reading evenings beside my grill and lying in my hammock I bought in Nicaragua.

-“So You Think You Can Dance” premiers on May 27, 2010 @ 8:00pm. i-cant-freakin-wait.

-The gardening thing is going well. So far, I’ve only had to water my dears once because it has been raining so much lately. Thank you sky for helping a girl out.

-Made these cupcakes the other night with my friend Alex:

-I’m facing three [15-page] papers & two finals this April. We’ll see how that goes…


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