Cookin’ and a Lovin’

My parents came into town for a few nights. Because of the amazingly wonderful weather, we did a little grillin’.

There are a lot of things I admire about my parents and their relationship, but one of my favorite aspects is their love to cook together. Childhood memories surround the weekends cooking out on the porch or the back patio. Dad was the master of meats, mom of everything else. Maybe that is why I love food so much now…the fond memories of these times. Family dinners have always been important to us. This is something that I hold valuable and when I have a family of my own, will make this a priority. Mmm. Yes look forward to cooking up a delicious meal with the one who steals my heart. Thanks mom and dad for being a great example of cookin’ and a lovin’.


One thought on “Cookin’ and a Lovin’

  1. Again, you catch me with o make up on, doing something crazy, but then again, that is me, but couldn’t we post the pics of me when I look somewhat decent and not so fumpy, but then again that is you catching me at being me. Does this make sense?

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