A Solution for Wanting a Pet

I want a white kitten. I also want a Maltese puppy. I promised myself that I would not get any pet until my first year of grad school finished. I wanted to make sure I knew what my first year in Divinity school would be like. Well, the year isn’t quite over and my desire for a lovable pet has had me visiting the Humane Society twice. I may have contacted a lady on craigslist about a free kitten. Because I am stubborn and hold my promises dearly (no pet until the end of my first year…I’m about 6 weeks away!), want to know my solution?


Hah yes, gardening! Tomatoes, rosemary, and lavender. Basil will soon joint the gang. Apparently my need to tend to something, watch it grow, and enjoy the efforts of my work resulted in growing plants. I feel this is kind of a pathetic solution, but it also fulfills my desire to become more in tune with my food I eat. So if you judge me now, ok. But come this summer, I will be savoring my homegrown tomatoes and basil, drizzled with Olive Oil and tossed with fresh mozzarella. Fresh rosemary will ­­­­ baptize my grilled lemon and pepper salmon, and I will do something crafty with my lavender. This is a promising solution for my need to take care of something. Now hopefully, I wont kill my plants. If I do, you won’t hear about my summer homegrown eats. And that will be our way of knowing what happened, without me saying it.


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