“Stuck in Miami?”

Well, Saturday night coming from Nicaragua…our flight from Miami to Greensboro was cancelled.

American Airlines attendant: “Yes, I see that your flight has been cancelled. Apparently the weather is really bad in the east.”

Alison & me: “Oh. Ok…”

American Airlines attendant: “Ohhh this isn’t good…”

Alison & me: “What? What?”

American Airlines attendant: “Well the next flight comes out Monday morning. Here are your tickets.”

Alison & me: “WHAT!?”

American Airlines attendant: “I’m sorry. We will put you up in a hotel for two nights. Here are stipends for food. Again, I’m sorry…”

So we stayed at the Sofitel Luxury Hotel for free and enjoyed the poolside. We got a little hw done so we didn’t feel so out of it coming back from our trip, ending spring break, and going to class all in the same day. Hello reality.


Reading my "Real Simple" magazine, picking out new recipes!

Cute old man!


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