Nicaragua // 2010 // Day #7

For our last full day in Nicaragua, we soaked up the rays, jumped the waves, and reminiscent our days. Ok ok…sorry got carried away there. Our afternoon treated us with massages, sunsets, cocktails. For our night, we ate at the Bamboo house, got some ice cream, and laid on the beach absorbed by the stars. I asked God for a shooting star. I saw two. These things don’t usually happen, but when they do, I can’t help but share. Alison and I probably spent about two hours on that beach talking about what we are looking forward to when we got back to Winston Salem. I suppose I am the kind of person who needs something to look forward to…to count down to.

We came up with a dance party. Alison and I randomly broke out into dance parties of our own throughout the trip (mostly to “Imma Be” by the Blackeyed Peas) and thought a dance party upon return would be great. We talked for at least 30minutes about whom we’d invite and what our theme would be. Some of our themes included 80s, country, and spandex. (Not together.) We decided to scratch the whole dance party idea and decided camping some day/night in April was a great idea. Ahhh the idea of hiking, a fire, someone must bring their guitar, and building friendships excites me enough to leave Nicaragua and head back to reality. Of course, April has to be the busiest month of the semester as far as papers, tests, and assignments are concerned. But I am convinced the night camping will be far worth it.

Well, let me some up my Nicaragua trip. I feel like I’ve been on two completely trips within one week. The first half of my trip was with other professors and students to see the devastations of history and the efforts for reform in the present in this country. The second half of my trip was pure relaxation, mixed with zip lining, food, drinks, and the ocean. In reflection, I can barely make sense of the two trips in one. In fact, I’m embarrassed how easily I forgot about the poverty that I had just experienced just behind the shore. I was too consumed with the sunset. Too peaceful with my sand in between my toes and Pina Colada in my hand…with the mini umbrella and pineapple slice accompanying…

May I not forget this picture.

Now, I am not saying that relaxing beachside is wrong. In fact, it’s healthy and one can see the beauty of our Creator in new colors. It’s just when Alison and I got into our taxi to head from the beach back into the capital to the airport, we were reminded instantly of the metal-sided makeshift homes, trash-polluted streets, and hungry children begging for money. Literally, right behind the shore are these realities. How easily could I forget, God? Oh forgive me.

I am so blessed to have had this opportunity to go on such a wonderful trip. I’m still processing it. For those who’ve followed my Nicaragua journey with me, thanks for keeping up. All of my travels would be in vain if I didn’t have anyone to share them with.


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