Nicaragua // 2010 // Day #6

Zippidy do da, zippidy day…

Thursday was filled with zip lining, Tim & Tom, and drinks.

The truck we were picked up on!

We get picked up at 9:00am in this vehicle with two men (in their middle/late 60s) and we went zip-lining! It was just Tim, Tom, Alison, me, and our Latin lovers…I mean tour guides. So first we were strapped in…and a little too close for comfort.

Too close for comfort...

Then they gave us about a 2 minute lesson in zip lining techniques and we were on our way! And oh my, what a great experience. We learned that we had to break with our hand at just the right time.

All ready to go!

Further, it is a science to enjoy the scenery and still be cognitive of the soon-coming end/tree/platform! Yes, we thoroughly enjoyed our time and were very sore after. The best part of the day, though, was our time spent with Tim and Tom.

Here is some of our favorite Tim and Tom quotes of the day:

Convo highlight #1:

Me (to Tim and Tom): Have you ever done this (speaking of zip-lining) before?

Tim: Nope, this is our last thing we wanted to do!

Me: Oh, wait, is this the end of your bucket list!?

Convo highlight #2: (after each zip line…and there were 17 runs…)

Tim & Tom: “Well that was the best one yet!!!”

Alison and me: “I wonder if the next zip run will be “the best one yet!?”

Convo highlight #3:

Tom (all revved up): “I just want to wear a sign around my neck sayin’ (about Tim and him) ‘We ain’t homosexuals.’ We are just friends travelin’ together. That’s it!”

Alison and me: “Well, we wouldn’t care or judge either way!”

TOM! His face is priceless.

Convo highlight #4:

Tom: “Shea, you got plenty of room over there? (in the truck going back into town)”

Me: “Yes, of course Tom!”

Tom: “Well then scoot on over!”

We couldn’t have asked for a better time. Zip lining was thrilling and a great new adventure. Having Tim and Tom with us made the experience even better.

Later that night, we watched the sunset while drinking margaritas and then star-gazed on the coast of the pacific ocean. Alison and I had some great conversations about our pasts, current thoughts about life, and of course, reminiscing all of our famous Tim and Tom quotes!


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