Nicaragua // 2010 // Day #4

Cotton, one of their ways to have intentional agriculture development

Today was inspiring. We went to the Jubilee House Community in Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua. This non-profit organization works to address the poverty in the country by working with local Nicaraguan communities to become self-sufficient democratic entities. By focusing on developing economic development, agriculture, primary health care, education, and appropriate technology, the Jubilee House is committed to the people of Nicaragua.

A cooperative member who is telling her story about working for three years without pay.

A sewing cooperative member telling her story: three years without pay

One of the main things that stuck out to me at the Jubilee House was learning about the sewing cooperative they are working for. The sewing cooperative was an idea launched three years ago and involved about 20 women and 3 men. For three years, these women and men have been sacrificing their time and energy by building this cooperative from the ground up. They have been without pay and to hear their stories was incredible. Despite the lack of support from their families, they were and are committed to seeing this project through. They can see the bigger picture and the potential in the cooperative. They are hoping to start their sewing within the next 6 months.

The building for their sewing cooperative. They built this building with their hands!

Our day finished by touring UCA (Universidad Centroamericana), where we met law students, philosophy students, and professors passionate about educating Nicaragua’s youth. It’s pretty incredible to see these students believe in education to achieve dreams that are beyond their imagination. I am reminded how blessed I am to have had my past education, and the means to continue after high school and college. I must remember this the next time I complain about a Church History paper or Old Testament Interpretations test.


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