Nicaragua // 2010 // Day #1

I’ve made it safely to Nicaragua! So far, I am loving it. Truth be told, I love traveling—anywhere! Period. But I especially love traveling to a new place.

I love being completely out of my element, in a new country where I do not know the language or customs. I love looking at a map and trying to figure it out. I even love that moment when I’m at the airport and think, “I’m about to loose it if I have to endure another moment in this sweaty, sticky outfit.” Yes, I even love that.

So far, Nicaragua has been great. The country greeted us with 86 degree weather with a cool breeze. Mmm, thank you warm weather. And already, friendships are forming. I am here with students from the law school, medical school, and divinity school. The interdisciplinary approach to our trip is going to be very enriching, I just know it.

Two things I don’t like already. 1. My aerosol hairspray exploded. When will I learn? This happens to me every time I travel. And the 2nd thing I don’t like is when the little children come up and tap on the widows of our vans at stoplights…not because it annoys me, because it doesn’t. It just breaks my heart. It’s a mix between feeling guilty and helpless. Guilty for having so much, and helpless to give. Sure I could give money, but I’m not solving their problem. I may only encourage their begging if I help. Eh, it’s a fine line of conviction and ethics, a line I absolutely do not know how to approach.

Anyways, after our trip from the airport to the hotel, we found a restaurant, enjoyed a meal, came back, sat by the pool to read, and are having some down time now. Tonight we officially begin our meetings and scheduled events on our itinerary.

Well, more to come. These are just my initial thoughts so far.

God, may I soak every moment of this trip deep into my soul.


One thought on “Nicaragua // 2010 // Day #1

  1. It looks like you are staying a great place. Unfortunately I didn’t see that part of NIC. Hope God does great things in and through you while you are there.

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