“Mysteries of The Bachelor”

There are a few mysteries in this world that I can think of, such as the concept of God, where the ark of the covenant rests (not according to Indiana Jones,) and my elementary school’s steak nuggets. Adding to that list, why Jake Pavelka (this seasons’ Bachelor) chose Vienna over Tenley. For those of you who’ve been watching this seasons’ show, you are probably in bewilderment, just like the rest of us. For those of you who haven’t been watching, Vienna was the girl everybody loved to hate. She is young and immature. Tenley, on the other hand is a sweet, hopeless romantic with a heart of gold. Uh, Jake…all along you kept saying, “I’m looking for a girl with a heart of gold.” Not, “I’m looking for a girl with a well set of…” well you get it.

Once again, another Bachelor upset.

So we swear off the Bachelor, questioning, “Why do I even bother watching?” It’s a bad car wreck, one in which we just can’t help but rubberneck! It’s drama, thankfully not in our lives. So we watch. Religiously. We watch. I’m sure most of us will tune in to watch Jason and Molly get hitched next week.We’ll watch Ali in the Bachelorette, and will put up with her whiny cries. It’s a vicious cycle that we just can’t help but watch. So here’s to yet another Bachelor upset. Good luck Jake with this one. We all know you need it.


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