[Preface each dash with the phrase, “Currently I am…”]

-I’m filling out my paperwork for Nicaragua, getting shots, and will be taking my malaria pills soon…(leave in 37 days!)

-Wishing I had a really awesome digital SLR camera.

-Listening to Mat Kearny [City of Black and White] and John Mayer [Battle Studies] and can’t get enough of Iron & Wine.

-Learning all about minor prophets of the Hebrew Bible

-Wanting to see all the chick flicks coming out in Theater…Dear John, When In Rome, and Valentines Day…

-Developing a new theory: “The Theory of the Cool Factor” (more to come on this.)

-Wanting to watch again “John Tucker Must Die” (Did I mention that my neighbor looks like John Tucker? ; ).

-Attempting to perfect my homemade black bean soup with cilantro (our Mexican place just does it so well, right Jane-na?)

-Have a very clean house & email inbox. Ahh to have the closest completely cleaned out… to delete those 974 emails back from 2007…so refreshing.

-About to finish a journal I’ve been writing in since last May.

-Reliving my Israel experience as I reread that journal.

-Wondering how much snow will come this weekend.

-Wanting a white kitten. I will name her shabby and she will wear a pretty vintage collar.

-Don’t have money for an animal.

-I’m in a law class called “Poverty Law.” I do not know how to read cases and understand a lot of terminology from the field of law. If only they would start talking Theology, Ethics, and Koine Greek…

-Craving a pear, walnut, & Gonzalez cheese pizza from a place called “Brixx” in W-S.

-Needing to finish my Europe ibook. It’s about time Hawkins.

-Loving this quote: “If it were not for hope, the heart would break.” –Thomas Fuller

-In the mood to blog more often, so I’m sure more to come.


2 thoughts on ““Currently…”

  1. mmm that black bean soup.

    i wish i could watch all of february’s chick flicks with you. in the theatres with candy we bought at kroger. i miss you!

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