What the Nest’s Made of…

So here is what the Nest is made of, as of now. I’m free to say, it will all change soon. I’m happy with that.

Counting down: until I go to FL and see my friends & favorite professors. 23 days!

Singing: Shane & Shane’s new Album, “Everything is Different.” Specifically, song #8: “For the Good.”

Hooked on: Juicing. Apples, oranges, kiwi, strawberries, protein powder. Shake. Delish.

Blessed by: my friends who’ve kept in touch with me this season. What encouragement & love.

Addicted to watching: So You Think You Can Dance, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, & Glee. In that order.

I’m feeling: Sassy. I’m sure it’s because of the hat I’m wearing right now. It’s sassy.

Ok with: The fact that I’m a “B” student in graduate school. Fact.

Self-discovered: My hunger to travel and discover new things correlates to my desire to know and learn new things about myself.

Motivated to: Work out during my tv shows at night, most of the time.

Unmotivated to: Write 55 pages within the next 22 days. Boo.

Enjoying regularly: non-fat Carmel Brulee @starbucks. Mmmh.

Wondering: How I will pay for school & rent.

Anticipating: the birth of my niece, Amber, in December!

Craving: Spicy tuna roll.

Annoyed with: Pastors who sound like they are about to cry at the end of their sermon to arouse an emotional response. They aren’t really about to cry. Come on.

Grateful for: How much I’ve grown and have learned about myself this year.

Praying for: authentic transformation & clarity.

Researching: St. Teresa of Avila & her theology of prayer and Divine oneness.

Mostly missing: Life in FL, living with friends, learning from Dr. Waddell.

Dwelling on:

“It is said that in some countries trees will grow, but will bear no fruit because there is no winter there.” John Bunyan

Wrapping up: This blog. Shalom!


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