“Fall: Transforming in Your Own Time”

I love Fall. At first, I wasn’t really excited about Fall this year because I’m used to FL and not having this season. Being away for three years from the Autumn air, however,  has given me a new observance.

DSC07674I’ve been asked a few times by friends in FL & CA if the leaves have changed. So this has spurred this bloggy-blog.

Fall doesn’t happen in one weekend. It’s a season, an entire process. Some trees turn in early September, and others are just now beginning to show a transforming color. It’s easy to look at others and see their lives, their changes, and desire it for self. If we take a lesson from the trees, haste not. You are always transforming. Your life will shine brightly, like the blinding gold and blazing red leaves on a tree. Be patient. Stay consistent. Maintain peace.


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