Bad to the bone Mecca! Her "tattoo" she got before she new she was having a surprise party in an hour!!!

Bad to the bone Mecca! Her "tattoo" she got before she new she was having a surprise party in an hour!!!

After getting back from such a wonderful 5 week adventure backpacking Europe, you think a girl could rest. Nah…

Between closing on the condo/moving to NC, Dad & I planned a surprise 5oth (sorry mom, but everyone knows you’re 50 now ; ) birthday party for my deserving momma! DSC07248After inviting about 50-or-so people, planning the decorations (thanks Aimee!), ordering the food & drinks, annnnnnd baking my mom her birthday cake…to say the least…it was hectic but so worth it! The whole time building up to the party, my mom kept saying, “Shea, you better not be planning any surprises…” or “I just want a nice quite evening with family.” Oops. Little did she know that 50 of her closest family members, friends, and co-workers were waiting to yell “surprise” at the country club!

Yes, (white) lies were told, cough-cough Aimme who pretended she was sick, the “many” errands I had to do…as I secretly baked the cake and my brother’s and his wife’s house…(hey I did errands…they were just around in the kitchen!)…and, “Of course Mom, you aren’t getting a surprise party. The only surprise you’ll be having is what is going to be on the dessert table.”

The cake I made and decorated for my mom!

The cake I made/decorated for her party!

Ahhh but again, SO WORTH IT! She was completely surprised! In fact, she was so overwhelmed that she cried! I loved it! By the end of the night, she had been tortured with 50 people yelling “SURPRISE” at her, endured humiliating pictures on a slideshow, and was adorned with tacky zebra prints, boa’s, & her “50” princess tiara!

Truly the evening was perfect. The cake turned out just how I imagined it in my head, she wasn’t suspicious of any plotting, and she was deservingly the center of attention. I know she hates all the attention, but she is such a special mom, friend, co-worker, spiritual leader, and daughter of God. Can I admire this woman any more than I already do? She is the realist person I know and can relate to anyone.

Isn't she too cute!?

Isn't she too cute!?

So here is to my momma: I thank God for the past 22 years I’ve spent with you of your 50. I pray the next 50 years of your life bring you much peace, fulfillment, and true enjoyment. Continue to be who you are, because who you are is a precious God-made soul. I love you beyond words and cannot even describe how much I admire your love, humor, and genuine heart for life, people, and God. Love you!


“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

Joseph Campbell


2 thoughts on ““Surprise!”

  1. That cake is very beautiful Shea, you are a very talented girl and your mother is lucky to have you.

    It sounds like she had a blast and in the end she enjoyed not having a quiet evening at home :).

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