“Lovely London”

Day 32: July 30, 2009

CIMG1381Our first official tour of London started with a royal introduction at the Buckingham Palace, home to the Queen of England. After snapping a few pictures of my future home, hech-hum oops I mean the Queen’s home, we went to hang out with Big Ben and pay our respects to the unknown solider in Westminster Abbey.

We boarded the London Eye (basically a giant Ferris wheel), DSC06596and took in the city of London from above! We bravely walked the London Bridge (of course humming and singing, “London Bridge is falling down, falling down…”) and concluded our packed day of London with nothing else other than…Starbucks.

(Please read the remainder of this blog in an English accent. I suggest mentally if you’re around others, if not, go on and try your English accent out loud!)

Ah, yes so being in London makes one’s inner English person come out. That includes a new thirst for tea (to drink with the pinky out of course), and a new set of vocabulary words such as fancy, lovely, and bloody. On the U (you would know it as the metro/underground), whispers are most appreciated as well as taking any rubbish (trash) with you. Prim and proper most certainly define the English and nothing less! Toodle loo for now!


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