“Diddle Dee Dum’n Around in Dublin”

Day 34: August 1, 2009

6:50am: Alarm rings. Hit snooze.

6:55am: snooze.

7:00am: snooze.

7:05am: snooze.

7:10am: Get up, get dressed, cram last minute items in bag; all the while Not talking because of “No Talk Time” rule in early AM.

7:21am: Leave room 1317. Check out. Go to terminal.

7:58am: Get boarding ticket.

8:04am: Lug bag to drop-off station.

8:12am: Head to security.

8:12 & 29 seconds: pray we don’t get searched for anything in our carry-on bags. (That would have been a major party foul, especially when our gate closed at 8:25am.)

8:19am: Passport control. (Dear Mr. Passport Control Guy, I promise I’m not a terrorist…but check Amy.)

8:23am: Go through the maze to get to gates 77-90. (Why is our gate not listed on our boarding ticket?!)

8:26am: Panic. Pain. Pissed. (We are late for our gate. We have too much crap on our arm weighing us down. We can’t believe we are walking 2 miles to our unidentified gate.)

8:29am: still walking. (Reread 8:26 with more intensity of the three P’s.)

8:32am: still walking…ok actually trotting…giddy up, giddy up, giddy up.)

8:33 & 55 seconds: Finally arrive at gate 80 (we could identify gate 80 by it’s piece of paper that had “80” written in pen, real cool).

8:33 & 57 seconds: What, they haven’t started boarding?

8:45am: Plane is delayed 20 minutes, even cooler. Amy is stressed (reread 8:26 for explanation)…therefore, she is scarffing a blueberry muffin. That muffin had no chance…I wonder if she even tasted it…)

9:05am: Call for boarding.

9:06am: Irish young man (mid-20s?) asks Shea if he can help her with her bags.

9:06 & 13 seconds: Shea responds, “Oh no, it’s ok, it is really heavy.”

9:06 & 16 seconds: Irish young man replies, “Really, it’s fine, let me help.”

9:06 & 24 seconds: Shea gives bag over. Irish young man takes it and says with a quaver in voice and a shake in his arm as he struggled to put it on his shoulder, “Oh, this is heavy!”

9:06 & 30 seconds: Shea turns read at how heavy it is & how much she has collected within five weeks.

9:10am: seated & buckled.

9:20am: take off.

9:21am: kids start to scream for the next hour.

10:28am: land. Kids are still screaming. I give them the stink eye.

10:39am: passport control.

10:46am:  baggage claim.


10:50am: meet Ireland.

11:15am: arrive at hotel.

12:10am: pizza arrives.


12:15pm: 1/3 of pizza is consumed.

12:18pm: That pizza had no chance.

12:30pm: Business meeting: money, flight details, etc.

2:00pm: Amy surfs internet & plans day in Ireland for next day. Shea sleeps.

4:03pm: Amy wakes Shea up.

4:05pm: Shea gets on internet/catches up on blogging. Amy sleeps.

6:08pm: Shea wakes Amy.

6:30pm: Amy organizes souvenirs. She contemplates keeping a few gifts to others for herself. (If you are personally concerned about your souvenir, or lack-there-of, feel free to contact me and I will clarify any apprehension.)

7:00pm: blog. Still in hotel room.

8:00pm: writing this blog.

8:04pm: Think about walking to subway.

8:35pm: Eat in the hotel restaurant.

10:00pm: Back in our room, re-e-e-e-e-laxing!


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