“Wickedly Awesome Day!”

Day 33: July 31, 2009

Tower Bridge outside of the London Tower

Tower Bridge outside of the London Tower

For once, Amy and I did not sleep until midmorning but were up by 7am (we wanted to get a head start on our last day in London!). We each enjoyed salads for breakfast and were ready to head into town. What we didn’t realize when we went to buy our day pass for the underground was that it’s double the price due to peak hours. Refusing to pay the ridiculous amount, Amy and I went back to our room and napped! So much for waking up early! By 10:30am, Amy and I headed to the infamous Leicester Square and did a bit of shopping. We purchased tickets to…well I’ll just say our evening entertainment for now…and were off to tour the Tower of London. We learned that this castle was used both as a refuge in times of war and a retreat in times of peace for the royal family at the time. We toured chambers where prisoners were kept and gawked and drooled over the crowns and jewels of at past kings and queens. After letting our imaginations run wild with nobility, knights, and attacks of the past, Amy and I walked around the city to soak up the last few hours in the country. We admired the traditional phone booths


and were thankful for the clear “look right or look left”
signs indicated on the road before crossing the street.


We scrounged enough pounds (their monetary currency) for a delicious dinner and headed to our last stop in London. You may be thinking it would be to eat pastries and drink some hot tea somewhere, or maybe end with some shopping. Nah…

DSC06866We went to see the musical WICKED! And let me say, it was wickedly wonderful! Wicked, also on Broadway, is the untold story of the wicked witch of the west and Glenda, the good witch. Not only were the sets and backgrounds of the scenes magnificent, but the singing and acting were absolutely incredible. The wit and humor, tied in with the subtle connections with the Wizard of Oz made this play appealing to all ages and genders. Truly, it is unforgettable. What a perfect way to end our London journey.


One thought on ““Wickedly Awesome Day!”

  1. Yes, yes, Wicked was wonderfully imaginative. Singing was awesome. Rhett & I saw it in Boston when Ginny ran marathon. I think we enjoyed ourselves more 🙂

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