“Spaniards Don’t Keep Time, but We Do!”

Day 26: July 24, 2009

[Two hours later from going to “bed”…]

4:15am: wake up.

4:45am: taxi comes.

4:45-5:15am: I pray the whole time that the meter slows down the counting of euros.

5:16am: We hand over 67euros.

5:16 & 35 seconds: We only have 3euros left for our day, together! 

(To give an idea how much 67euros is in U.S. Dollars, 70euros is about $100.00. Nothing like wiping your budget completely out by 5 in the morning…!)

7:05am: Board flight to Madrid

10:00am: Arrive in Madrid and are welcomed by the Williams (our Madrid host home) with a sign that read, “Amy & Shea.”

[From here is a bit of a blur. Going off of two hours of sleep, well, the dazed look permeated our faces!]

11:00am: Williams home/met whole family/took house tour. (It was like museum of collections from all over the world, places they’ve been to.)

(The Williams, a missionary couple, live in a town outside of Madrid called Meco. There are three, yes three, prisons in this town; one in which includes terrorists. I stayed in a town with terrorists five minutes from where I slept. Oh the adventure just keeps getting better!!!)

DSC0589012:00pm: Went to a town called Acala where buildings date back to 1400s! That is before Columbus sailed the ocean blue!

12:45pm: Visited Casa Museo de Cervantes, Cervantes house! (Cervantes is most known for his novel Don Quixote.)

1:15pm: Traditional meal: Roasted chicken on a spit with papas fritas & salada!

2:00pm: Back “home” at the Williams and enjoyed a tradition in Spain: SIESTA! Now, usually I assume a guilty thought process for taking naps; I usually have that culpable “I’m wasting time and the day” feeling. However, being apart of a new culture summons one to fully partake in cultural traditions…so let the siesta begin! And well, Suzy Becker says it best, “There is always time for a nap.”

Three hours later from a deep coma…

5:45pm: The Williams family took us to a park to see beautiful fountains, swans, and walk through the lush green canopy of trees.

DSC05955 9:00pm: Back “home” to eat grilled cheese sandwiches & crab salad.

10:00pm: Shower. (You maybe thinking, “What is the point of blogging the schedule of your shower?” in which I would reply, “Ah yes, well when it is your first one in four days, you’d mark it as a major event and highlight of your backpacking adventure day and blog about it too, dear friend!”)

11:00pm: Sound asleep in Spain!


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