“Lazy London Day”

Day 31: July 29, 2009

by Amy

DSC03978Our last night dreaming in Lisbon started to a 9:30 rush to the airport. Our new and thoughtful hotel buddy, Joja’, graciously helped us with our bags and flagged down a taxi for us! Shea and I could NOT get over the fact that we only had to pay 8 euro for our 15-minute journey from here to the airport! This seemed like such a steal in comparison to our early morning Paris rip-off ride! This alone had already made the dayyyy :] Off to our flight, and now headed to London.

Sofitel Luxury Hotel. Sigh…THE most comfortable beds we’ve yet to discover! (Sorry Lisbon Dreams!) Located in the London, Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5 became our new home. The weather was a little bit “under” when we arrived, but we managed to kill some time exploring the airport, picking out snacks, shopping in Accessorize…you know, all those London priorities. Afterwards, of course I was ready for a nap (which Shea insists that I was trying to go to bed…hey it was only 7pm…) while Shea caught us up on blogging and gladly watched T.V. for the first time in a month!

Relaxing is good for a weary traveler! Off to our luxurious beds…


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